Fatty's and Oriki's Attempts to Survive

[1] What you see when you spawn into the map. Unfortunately for some reason the compass we made was pointing somewhere way off in the desert (which got Fatty lost). So until we figure out why it’s not working and where we can get a map from we’ll have to stay in range of the village or risk getting so lost we lose everything.

[2] Brittney the baby chicken. Actually, I think at this point this would be Brittney number 3, for some reason they like to walk in front of swinging pickaxes.

[3] I decided to take over the blacksmith’s shop and claim it as my own since what miner doesn’t need a mini lava pit and a few extra furnaces outside? I did a few renovations and expanded the place so I have room to spread out until I can get down to building my own house from scratch.


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